About us

Who are we ?

We are a team engineers with a lot of experience in designing, prototyping and manufacturing electronic devices.

What do we want to achieve ?

We want to collect information about RS485 protocol, embedded devices, embedded web servers, RS485 converters and etc. in one place. We want give you everything you need to build and make your home or profesional network. We want to show you, how to make your home or profesional automation, how to get the electronic devices to do the boring daily tasks for you. We want to show you, how to monitoring and control your home or business. We want to show you, how to connect your home electronic devices to the internet and then control them from anywhere . We have a dreams and we want to share them with you. If your dreams are the same, just follow us. Feel free to contact us and say us what do you need and what do you want.

Maybe you wondering how will we do this ?

We are confident because we can and we are skillful, because we will do this with you. We rely on your advices and recommendations, because you know what you want and what is the best for you. If it is good for you it is good for us. With your recommendations and ideas, with our passion and experience in developing electronic devices we can build our dreams together.

We want just to develop and share to you the Internet of things (IoT)

We always listen to what our customers have to say.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email 485device@gmail.com

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